Searching for A Home

Good Life

Home is a place of rest, comfort and joy. A place where you let go of your worries and trouble and just cool down and recharge ready for next day ahead. And life all things good life, there is a certain effort that must go into it to work and feel as it should. There are thousands of homes, flats and apartments all available and waiting for someone to occupy them. But every home like every person has its uniqueness., may not be large enough for a family of seven. A home that is right for you is one that takes into consideration your personal circumstances such as your income, the location in relation to your place of work and so on.

The All-Purpose House

Ones’ place of dwelling is the centre of daily activity for most people. It is the place that invokes a sense of belonging. And so going about picking a place that is good for you should be a task that is not taken too lightly. Have you considered what your needs are with regards to selecting your place of rest?

Does the property take into consideration needs such as:

  • Health: how many steps, is there an elevator?
  • Closeness to place employment
  • The children’s needs: School, leisure etc.
  • Public transport if you do not have car
  • Income: can you afford the rent in the long run?

Don’t ever be shy about putting your needs first and above that of the sales person. Remember you will be the one who will have to live in it and make the payments. So go around and have good look around.

Make a list of questions to ask, questions like:

  1. Is parking included in the rent?
  2. Are utility bills included?
  3. What happens if this and that occurs?
  4. What if an appliance breaks down?

If you do not voice your concerns and wants, then no one will guess what your wants are. So be sure to do your research.


Personal Circumstances

The perfect home is the one that was chosen with one’s personal circumstances and needs in mind. Just as flat on the third floor of a building with no lift, will be impractical for a wheelchair user, so will be to you a property that is located 2 hours form your place of daily work. Choosing a home that is right for you means taking into account more than just the rent and the parking space. For a place of long term comfort to remain so, it will need to take into account most immediate requirements of the occupants into account.